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CTWN_FUN() - simple change on data for sensitivity analysis

Provide the changes on carbon dioxide concentrations, temperature, precipitation and nitrogen to a selected weather scenario record.

It will typically be used for C3MP sensitivity analysis and CTWN sensitivity analysis.


Implicit Inputs (i.e., available in the data):



Example 1:

The following command replaces the atmospheric CO2 concentration with a value of 360 ppm and fertilizer nitrogen amount for the season is replaced with a value of 30 kg/ha:

&, REPLACE, CO2Y, CTWN_FUN(), 360,,,,30,S201

where the S201 is used to as denote this as CTWN sensitivity element 1. (AgMIP CTWN protocols use climate IDs of S201 through S232.)

Example 2:

The second example is for a C3MP sensitivity analysis where CO2 concentration is set to 418 ppm, minimum and maximum daily temperatures are increased by 0.7 degrees C, and rainfall is reduced to 83% of recorded values:

&, REPLACE, CO2Y, CTWN_FUN(), 418,0.7,0.7,0.83,S101

where the S101 is used to as denote this as C3MP sensitivity element 1. (AgMIP C3MP protocols use climate IDs of S101 through S199.)

More Samples:

This function is used with Batch Domes. You can check the sample batch file for this function by clicking HERE.

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