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OM_DIST - Organic matter application details

Organic matter applications include manure, crop residues, etc.


Implicit Inputs (i.e., available in the data)



  1. Check for organic amendment events.
  2. If any data are missing, fill in using the values provided.
  3. The amount of organic matter applied (OMAMT) must be provided in the data. If it is zero or null, then an event should not be created.
  4. OMN% = 100 / DMR / OMC2N


FILL, OMDAT, OM_DIST(), -7, RE003, 8.3, 5, 50, 2.5

These data are obtained from the database:

The function produces the following organic matter application event: 7 days prior to planting, 1000 kg/ha of manure with a C:N ratio of 8.3 is added to the field; 50% of the manure is incorporated to a depth of 5 cm. N content is calculated to be 4.82%.


More Samples:

The following DOME spreadsheet is using this function. Machakos Overlay DOME

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